When it comes to epic online slot games, there are not many developers with as good of a reputation as Habanero! Not only are they well known for producing games with excellent features and gaming mechanics, but the themes are as spicy as the name suggests – play your favourite slots.

However, there really are too many to choose from – which one is the spiciest of them all? Do not worry – we’re going to be breaking down some of our favourites so that you don’t have to do too much research. We are going to be looking at:

          Cake Valley

          Fortune Dogs

          5 Mariachis

Cake Valley

What is the first thing you imagine when you think about Habanero? Let’s be honest, it’s probably not cakes. However, one of Habanero’s absolute best slot games must be Cake Valley, an epic slot based around baked goods! If you have a sweet tooth, this is the slot game for you. You can expect to find:

          Delicious donuts

          Creamy cakes

          Posh profiteroles

All sorts of tasty treats are waiting for you in Cake Valley, but that is not even the best bit – the game is packed full of bonus features and free spins, along with addictive gameplay and sound effects. Go on, cut yourself a slice of the fun and enjoy!

Fortune Dogs

If you’re looking for something cute and fluffy, perhaps Cake Valley isn’t for you. We have got another recommendation though – Fortune Dogs! Fortune Dogs is one of Habaneros most famous slot games, and you’ve guessed it – it’s themed around dogs! The visuals are simply delightful and will definitely make you go ‘aww’, but the best thing of all is all the epic slot features! This high-volatility slot boasts 5 reels, tons of paylines but best of all an epic RTP% of 98! Woof woof – oops, we mean ‘wow, amazing!’

5 Mariachis

Let’s be honest – you weren’t reading this article and expecting slot games themed around cakes and dogs. You were expecting something a little bit… spicier? Do not worry – we’ve been pulling your leg all this time because Habanero absolutely do release spicy games themed around chili peppers! There’s a few to choose from, but one of our favourites has to be 5 Mariachis, a slot machine game based around Mexican themes. On this South American adventure, you can expect to come across:


          San Pedro Cactuses

          Chili Peppers

          Mariachi bands

If you are looking for an authentic Mexican-themed slot machine, you can’t do much better than 5 Mariachis. The clue is in the name, and Habanero have delivered once again. Brilliant!

Spicy Slots

Overall, out of all the slot machine developers in the world, we have to say that Habanero is one of our favourites. Whilst they offer a wide variety of slot machine themes, we are particularly fond of their Mexican slots. The graphics are great, the music is Mexican, and the overall experience is just epic. What are you waiting for? Get online and try out some of these spicy slots – we are sure you’re going to love them!

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