Golf is one of the most respected sports globally and is often considered a game for the rich in society. But did you know you too could win a fortune not by playing golf but by betting on the sport?

Since the rise of online sports betting, golf has won its place among the most popular sports that pro bettors target. All you need is the ability to develop a sound betting strategy and practice disciplined betting to become a winner at golf betting.

If you are new to online sports betting and specifically on golf, we understand that it can be overwhelming to have every piece of info about golf betting at your fingertips. You probably have little idea about the markets, betting options, or the sportsbook that offers to bet on golf.

We have prepared this guide with all the tips and info you need to get you started with golf betting. This guide will take you from a novice in golf betting and turn you into the most thoughtful, adept, and profitable golf betting pro.

How to Bet on Golf

The first step towards attaining golf betting prowess is understood. Let’s unravel the golf betting process using an example. You want to place a bet that Tiger Woods would win in a PGA tournament where he has a +800 winning chance. If you stake $10 on the bet, your win amount will be eight times your investment, and you bag home $80.

A golf tournament’s favorite is usually between +600 and +1300, while the longest longshot might be as much as +50000. (500-1).

Matchup betting, in which you pick one player to score higher in a round or throughout a tournament, has odds that are more in line with other sports.

For example, if you put $10 on Dustin Johnson to win a tournament and Johnson’s odds are -110, you must bet $11 to earn $10. The -110 is called the “juice,” which is a charge imposed by sportsbooks when a wager is placed.

The Most Common Types of Golf Betting

It’s important to understand the different types of bets on sportsbooks before you risk your money on a golf bet. While golf betting can seem a bit complex for beginners, understanding the types of wagers to place sets you apart and gives you a competitive advantage against other bettors. Here are the most common golf bet types in the market.

Bet to Win

The most common approach to wager on a golf tournament is to predict the winner of the entire tournament. Others refer to this as betting on outright winners. Before the commencement of a tournament, this bet is usually placed with a futures wager. On the other hand, online sportsbooks now provide updated odds for practically every event after each round.

There are normally a lot of individuals in this area, so finding one who can genuinely win can be difficult, but they do provide an opportunity to hit a huge payout with a small investment. Most pro bettors will tell you this is the easiest and best bet, to begin with as a newbie.


Another common golf betting type is head-to-head wagering which involves betting on one golfer against another in a tournament with multiple participants. Here, you predict that one among two competing golfers would finish ahead of another.

For example, there could be 100 golfers in The Players Championships. You choose one golfer to outperform another in head-to-head betting. There will be many head-to-head clashes for the tour’s best players in most tournaments.

Many bookies offer odds for head-to-head matches in each round and the entire tournament.

First Rounder Leader

First Rounder Winner bets are usually some of the most exciting in the first 18 holes of any event. These bets involve betting on the winner of the opening round rather than who would win the entire event. These odds are often compared to the starting odds for winning the event.

Live Betting

The sprout and growth of online sportsbooks have popularized live betting on multiple sports, including golf. Almost every legal bookie has a live betting section. You may gamble on a golf tournament even after it has begun with live in-play betting. You can check out how players are doing before committing to a golfer or a matchup bet.

You can nearly always bet on who will win the event at sportsbooks. They’ll keep updating their pre-round odds to reflect the current state of play and points on the leaderboard.

Other live odds for head-to-head playoffs and even bets on how a golfer would finish the next hole are available at most sportsbooks.

Popular Golf Majors for Punters

Four major golf tournaments are by far the most popular for punters looking for free golf betting tips. The majors include the PGA championships, Open Championships, the US Open, and the Masters. Each tour’s best players compete in these four major tournaments each year.

The Masters

Masters markets are open all year. You can wager on the tournament winner, top 20 finishers, top European, etc. Augusta National, which hosts the Masters, is the only repeat Major venue, providing punters with a great possibility of profit from golf betting due to a large amount of previous course data.

The PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is usually the most uncomplicated of the four majors in terms of setup, and it has the closest resemblance to a regular PGA Tour event. That means the tournament will favor long and high hitters if the circumstances allow.

The Players Championship is one of the most coveted tournaments on the PGA TOUR calendar, with the strongest field and the largest prize. The 2021 PGA Championship was held at Kiawah Golf Resort (South Course) on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, from May 20 to 23.

The Open Championship

It was founded in 1860, making it the oldest of four golf Majors. This is the one that everyone wants to win, as it is always contested on traditional British links golf courses. The strength of the coastal winds throughout the four days is nearly always a determining factor in conditions and scores. In the recent years’ winners’ odds, Collin Morikawa (2021) had +2500, Shane Lowry (2019) had +6600 odds, Francesco Molinari had +2500 odds, and Jordan Spieth had +1400 odds.

The US Open

The US Open is regarded as the world’s toughest golf challenge each year. When looking at the winning score, the USGA sets it up to be a challenge to break par. As courses have gotten longer, length and accuracy off the tee have become important statistics. You can use recent winners’ odds.

Jon Rahm (2021): +1000
Bryson DeChambeau (2020): +2500
Gary Woodland (2019): +7000
Brooks Koepka (2018): +2000
Brooks Koepka (2007): +4000.

Final Thoughts

Though golf is a more complicated sport compared to other popular sports betting events like football, it’s lucrative to play and bet on if you master the craft. With this review’s basic tips and info, you can comfortably get your way around golf betting.


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