When you travel as a student, all you want to do is have fun. An interesting vacation helps you unwind and create memories that last a long time. However, if you want a problem-free trip, you must stick to some guidelines for your protection. Therefore, this article presents top travel safety rules for college students.

Drink with Care

When you travel with friends, you will probably have lots of nights out. Plus, alcohol is usually on the table. Therefore, you will want to drink responsibly for your safety. A lot can go wrong when you drink too much and become inebriated. In particular, this can bring dire problems if you are in a foreign land. When intoxicated, you can expect the following:

Bad hangovers.
Loss of your valuables;
Getting in a fight;
Getting injured.

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Do Some Research Before Traveling

One of the worst things you can do before travelling is to go without having a plan. To have a smooth trip, you will want to research your destination. Know where you are going, how you are getting there, and the resources required. Your ability to learn about your destination can improve your chances of having a hitch-free trip.

Be Aware of the Local Cultures, Traditions and Phenomenons

When going on a trip to a foreign location, you must recognize that every destination is different. As such, the people there may have their unique cultures and traditions. Therefore, you should learn about their customs to accommodate them when travelling. Knowing these things will help you avoid doing things that will antagonize people or put you in danger. For example, when travelling to Arab countries, you should be aware of the cultural requirements for different sexes, while also keeping in mind the traditions like Ramadan. Additionally, you should research the climate, wildlife and natural phenomena if you travel abroad. If we use the previous example of Arab countries, a student traveler to this location should be aware of sand storms and Sirocco, as not being familiar with such natural occurrences can put them in danger.

Handle Your Valuables Carefully

Apart from your health, your valuables are essential to you when you travel. Thus, you should do everything you can to keep them safe. So, you will want to avoid leaving your money and travel documents in the hotel room, especially in locations with high crime rates. Likewise, do not keep your belongings unattended in public spaces as you can easily lose them. On the other hand, always pack travel documents in water-resistant folders to prevent water damage.

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Inform Others Where You are Traveling to

Many people love to keep their private lives private. For this reason, they avoid telling anyone when taking a trip. However, it is a good thing for you to tell the people around you where you are headed before travelling. In particular, you will want to inform close family and friends where they may find you With the advancement in technology, you may periodically share your location especially if you feel you are going into an unsafe location like mountains or canyons.

Get Healthcare Insurance

Your health is very important. Therefore, you will want to take care of it when you travel in and outside your country. You can achieve this by having health insurance. Always make sure that your local insurance policy is active before making trips within the country. When travelling abroad, you should purchase appropriate insurance policies to get coverage in case of injury or sickness. Being insured can save your life or help you save money.

Get all Your Vaccines

Every destination within or outside the country may have some diseases your body is not accustomed to. If you want to minimize the chances of getting an infection, you will want to get all recommended shots for a location. At the moment, getting the COVID-19 vaccine is good for your health and that of others.

Avoid Sharing Personal Information

Sharing your personal information with total strangers can be dangerous. You may fall prey to identity theft. Or, you can lose all your money from credit card fraud. Therefore, only share personal and financial information with trusted individuals.


As a student, there are many top travel safety rules you will want to follow. You will want to do this while travelling within and outside your country. In either case, following these rules can help you have a good trip by staying out of trouble and being safe and prepared.

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Barbara Fielder is a writer who loves to travel. She also writes helpful content for college students. Over the years, Barbara has travelled to more than a dozen countries while writing reports and articles.

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