The versatility of the Vokey Design SM9 wedge line-up will be adding even more shot-making options with the introduction of a low-bounce T Grind – the most popular grind on the PGA Tour – and the addition of a choice of new lightweight shaft options for slower swinging players.

Previously available only as a WedgeWorks custom order, the T Grind will now be widely available in both stock and custom options as an extension to the existing SM9 family. Offered in SM9 58.04T and 60.04T models, in Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black finishes, the T becomes the seventh grind in the SM9 line up.

The new T Grind will be offered in satin chrome, black and brushed steel finishes

T Grind is built for players seeking to unlock ultimate creativity and versatility around the greens. As a low-bounce wedge with a narrow crescent surface and wider back flange, the grind allows for shot making under any condition. Players with shallow and precise deliveries, as well as those playing off firm conditions, will benefit from the T Grind’s sole design. Compared to the L Grind, SM9’s other low bounce option, the T Grind features a narrower forward sole and more aggressive heel, toe and trailing edge relief.

“Wedge play is an art, and the T Grind brings out the best in the artist,” said Bob Vokey, Titleist’s lead wedge designer. “The leading edge stays low to the playing surface as the wedge is rotated, which allows the golfer to hit a variety of shots from tight lies. This is the wedge that really made Vokey grinds an important part of our process – and is still a great option to this day.”

Availability: March 10 RRP: £159/£173 (st/gr).


Golfers with slower swings can now match their Vokey wedges shafts with their lightweight iron shafts



Vokey Design SM9 wedges featuring lightweight steel and graphite shafts will be available at retail from March 31, providing more options for players with moderate swing speeds.

The SM9 lightweight featured shaft programme is aimed at players who may gain better control around the greens with a shaft profile consistent throughout their bag. For golfers who prefer lightweight shafts in their irons, having wedge shaft options at retail is a critical part of finding the right wedge and improving their wedge play.

Featured shafts for Vokey SM9 Lightweight include KBS Tour Lite 95 (wedge) and Tensei AM2 Red (regular, ladies). KBS Tour Lite is a lightweight steel shaft designed for players seeking additional spin and precision control in their wedge game, while Tensei AM2 Red is a graphite, high-launching shaft for players looking for more control from their scoring clubs.

Availability: March 31 RRP: £159/£173 (st/gr).



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