Callaway Golf is launching a new range of clubs, all of which the company says represent a new ‘paradigm in performance’, hence the name ‘PARADYM’, which isn’t spelt the same, but sounds the same.

Offered in multiple design options to suit a wide range of golfers, the PARADYM range features three drivers (Standard, X and Triple Diamond), three fairway wood options (Standard, Draw and Triple Diamond), two hybrids (Standard and X) and two iron designs (Standard and X).

They are all due at retail from February 24.

The three distinctive heads of the Paradym standard, X and Triple Diamond drivers


Paradym Drivers
To create a new paradigm for golfers, Callaway says it has reimagined how a driver is built from the ground up. This is a complete shift in performance, with a design that radically breaks the trade-off between distance and forgiveness. The Paradym Shift Construction features an industry-first 360 carbon chassis that eliminates titanium from the body so that weight and stability can be pushed to the limit.

The faces of the Standard and Triple Diamond fairway woods

Paradym Standard
The Standard Paradym driver provides a refined shape with high MOI and adjustable perimeter weighting. Engineered for players of all skill levels, this club promotes high launch and low spin characteristics along with a neutral ball flight to deliver the best combination of distance, forgiveness and adjustability. The 460cc head features 15g sliding weight which enables players to experience an average of 12 yards of shot shape correction.
Loft options: 9°, 10.5°, 12° RRP: £599

Paradym X
The Paradym X driver is built for a high launch with high MOI, along with a generously stretched profile at address. This model is best suited for golfers seeking extreme forgiveness and a slight draw bias from their driver. A 5g rear weight is positioned to increase launch and lower spin for maximum carry distance.
Loft options: 9°, 10.5°, 12° RRP: £599

Paradym Triple Diamond
The Paradym Triple Diamond model boasts a compact, 450cc head shape designed for better players who want to work the ball. It’s the lowest spinning and lowest launching Paradym model with a neutral ball flight. A 14g back weight can be positioned in the front of the 460cc head for lower spin and maximum workability.
Loft options: 8°, 9°, 10.5° RRP: £599

Features & Benefits (common to all three models)

360° Carbon Chassis
The 360° Carbon Chassis promotes unprecedented weight redistribution for maximized distance. The triaxial carbon crown and forged carbon sole is 44% lighter than a titanium chassis. This massive weight savings is repositioned for higher MOI and increased forgiveness.

New Jailbreak AI
A new A.I. designed Jailbreak system provides stability in both the horizontal and torsional direction. Now with a 33% lighter weight design, Callaway has enhanced stability for faster ball speeds from its industry-leading COR.

New AI-designed face
An all-new A.I. face optimisation enhances speed, launch and spin, and now downrange dispersion. This is the world’s most advanced driver face designed by artificial intelligence.

Face Cup & Forged Titanium Face
Paradym is the first driver to utilize Callaway’s industry-leading face cup technology. The face cup has been paired with a powerful, forged titanium face, a combination that provides higher energy transfer to the ball than a standard driver face insert.




Callaway’s engineers have come up with a completely new construction process for the Paradym range of fairway woods which moves weight from the body and repositions it for unprecedented gains in speed and MOI. Each of the three models have been uniquely designed with a specific player in mind to fully maximise their performance.

Paradym Standard Fairway
The Standard model features progressive shaping in the head, and it’s the model that fits the widest range of player types, especially those who want a high launching fairway wood with a neutral ball flight.
Loft options: 3 (15°), 3HL (16.5°), 5 (18°), Hvn (20°), 7 (21°), 9 (24°), 11 (27°)
RRP: £379

Paradym X Fairway
The X model will fit players looking for the most forgiving shape with a high launch and a slight draw bias. A forged carbon toe patch redistributes weight to the heel to make this fairway easy to turn over to encourage a draw. It is built with a more upright lie angle and a neutral face at address. An adjustable 3W gives the golfer the ability to even further dial in launch.
Loft options: 3 (15°), 3HL (16.5°), 5 (18°), 7 (21°)
RRP: £379

Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway
The TD model offer the most compact fairway wood shape with a deeper face at address. This offering is best suited for stronger players who are looking for a penetrating ball flight with lower spin.  The Triaxial Carbon crown aids in creating a low and forward CG, while an adjustable hosel allows golfers to further dial in trajectory.
Loft options: 3+ (13.5°), 3 (15°), 5 (18°)
RRP: £379

The shallow face of the Paradym X fairway wood

Features & Benefits (common to all three models)

Jailbreak with Batwing Technology
The A.I. Designed Jailbreak Batwing structure is pushed to the perimeter to stiffen the body, while allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds.

Forged Carbon sole
The forged carbon sole featured in the 3W, 3HL, & 5W models enables unprecedented weight redistribution for maximised distance, higher MOI, and Callaway’s longest fairway wood ever.

Tungsten Speed Cartridge
By incorporating between 21g and 25g high-density tungsten (21g in the TD model, 23g in the standard model and 25g in the X model), Callaway has pushed the centre of gravity low and forward. The result is optimal launch and spin for each model, with more speed for maximum distance.

High-Strength Face Cup
Callaway has applied an all new A.I. face optimisation to include speed, launch, and spin. The unique face pattern is customised for each model and paired with our high-strength C300 maraging steel face cup. This promotes impressive speed and consistency across the face.

Adjustability for More Versatility
With progressive shaping and the most extensive offering, Paradym Fairway Woods will be the go-to model for players who want consistent launch with ease and a neutral ball flight. An adjustable hosel in the 3W and 3HL models gives players additional control to dial in launch.


The Cutwave Sole design improves the club’s performance through the turf, making it the most versatile hybrid Callaway has ever made. Speed technologies adapted from the Paradym fairway woods have been implemented into hybrids for maximum distance.

Offered in two designs, the standard Paradym model is for golfers who want a mid-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that’s long with excellent versatility and control, while the Paradym X model is for golfers looking for a full-sized, wood-shaped hybrid that’s long with excellent versatility and forgiveness.
Loft options: Standard/X: 18°, 21°, 24°, 27°, 30° (X model only).

Features & Benefits

Tungsten Speed Cartridge & Jailbreak with Batwing Technology
Get more distance from the revolutionary Tungsten Speed Cartridge. By incorporating high-density tungsten, we can push the centre of gravity low and forward. The result is lower spin with more ball speed. A.I-designed Jailbreak with Batwing Technology increases stiffness in the perimeter, while allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds across the face.

A.I. designed 455 Face Cup
A high-strength 455 Face Cup is designed using A.I. to optimise ball speeds and improve spin robustness across the face. Each model features a unique A.I. pattern to enhance performance in that specific head.

Cutwave Sole Design – An all-new Cutwave Sole is designed specifically to cut through the turf with ease, especially from thick rough, whilst an increased camber on the leading edge improves turf interaction. This brand-new shape makes Paradym the most versatile family of hybrids we’ve ever created.

Adjustable Hosel – Optimise trajectory and control with an adjustable hosel sleeve capable of +2*/ -1* of loft.

RRP: £279. On sale date: February 24.


The Paradym irons are designed for distance but also offer an exceptionally high level of feel. Callaway’s Paradym Shift Construction combines a forged 455 face with the all-new Speed Frame, providing the best of both worlds.

Offered in two designs, the standard Paradym Irons are aimed at those looking for a players’ distance iron with a refined shape and premium forging. A pre-worn leading edge is designed to cut through the turf more efficiently for even more forgiveness.

The Paradym X Irons are designed for golfers who are looking for an iron that’s incredibly long with premium forged feel. It features a thicker topline than the standard irons and a forgiving sole, with a pre-worn leading edge.

Features & Benefits (both models)

A.I. Designed Forged 455 Face
Industry-leading A.I. face technology is applied to a high-strength Forged 455 face, creating our most powerful forged iron face ever. Each face is uniquely optimised for more speed, higher launch, and increased spin consistency.

Forged Face Cup and Hollow Body with Speed Frame Construction
The all-new Hollow Body design features Speed Frame construction for added stiffness to the body and support for the high strength Forged 455 Face Cup. This unique construction is the catalyst that stabilises a thinner face for incredibly fast ball speeds.

Forged Face and Urethane Microspheres
A forged face and patented Urethane Microspheres deliver the ultra-soft feel and premium sound that discerning players demand.

Improved Launch via Dual Tungsten Weighting
Up to 67g of external and internal tungsten weights (79g in the X iron) are placed precisely to enhance launch conditions and improve speed on miss-hits. This increase in forgiveness is the difference between hitting the green and coming up short.

RRP: £1,199/£1,299 (4-PW, st/gr)


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