If you are fascinated by the beauty of landscapes and the romance of playing outdoors, welcome to the club of golf lovers. This is a trendy but original sport; at first glance, it is not suitable for everyone. It is worth noting that entering here will take some time, and an interesting amount of cash will be needed to prepare the equipment. We will simplify the task for newcomers to golf and help you figure out how to choose the first club and their differences.

History of Golf

The exact place of origin of this popular game is not known for certain. It is generally accepted that golf began to be played on the cliffs of medieval Scotland, where the already harsh climate perfectly complemented the unusually entertaining entertainment. The game gained great popularity at the turn of the 19th century. Golf became an integral part of the culture of the British Empire and migrated to the United States.

In the first mentions, the game was a cross between cricket and football. Using a wooden stick and a leather ball, players were required to hit a designated target, the winner being determined by the fewest moves. The oldest reference to the game with a stick in the ball is a manuscript dating back to 1261.

Later in 1387, Hainaut, Albrecht of Bavaria issued a charter that banned all gambling within the city walls. Outside the city, it was allowed to play with a stick on a field specially allocated for this purpose. According to one respected member of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (https:/www.randa.org/), the rules of modern golf originated in Scotland. We will discuss how to choose the right club for playing with more than 18 holes and what they are.

Varieties of Golf Clubs

The main instrument on which the success of the party depends should be chosen with particular care. Professional golfers carry a whole set of different variations of clubs suitable for certain conditions. To make the right choice, let’s figure out what clubs are and start with the design. So, the club consists of the following elements:


Grip-stick handle with rubber insert for comfort and fixation in the hand
Shaft – connects the head of the stick to the handle
Hosel – serves to adjust the angle of the club and connects the head
Clubhead – used to hit the ball. It is this element that allows you to control the flight of the ball to the hole.


When we figure out the design, let’s move on to the main types of clubs. There are 6 basic options; then we will discuss each in more detail.


The wooden club is the main golf club. Although they are called that, modern products have little in common with wood. Instead, steel and titanium tools are the most common, and Drivers also have the lowest angle of inclination, which allows you to lift the ball high in the air. The longest club in golf also has a large head for impact and a graphite handle.

For beginners, it is recommended to use the 460 cc version. Solid and accurate strikes will give an advantage in any game.

Fairway Woods

Another member of the family of wooden clubs, Fairwoods, are similar to drivers, but their heads are noticeably smaller. The main difference is in the flat surface and shape. Main characteristics of this type:


Long range strike
Used to cover a long distance with the ball. Every time you hit it slides on the lawn

Hit with the tee box
Extra ball control for short Par 4 tee shots or long Par 3 tee shots

Loft adjustment
11-20 degrees

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Modern clubs have optimal characteristics for:

Control over the trajectory and turn of the ball
Reducing the chance of error
Simplify air strikes

The perfect combination of wooden and iron clubs will be the best choice for golf beginners. Thanks to their features, players will be able to strike from anywhere with maximum efficiency. This type has no numbering; the marking is assigned according to the installed handle.


The metal heads of the clubs have special grooves that give rotation when hitting the ball. Used for accurate strikes from any position.


If you have to play out of sand or thick grass, these clubs come into play. Thanks to the rebound, you can strike from any position without fear of the stick getting stuck in the ground. There are several varieties of Wedges:

Intermediate wedge
Sand wedge
Wedge Lob
Pitching wedge

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No gaming session is complete without them. Putters allow you to accurately hit the final blow and put the ball into the hole. The stick has a flat surface; there are no loft and rebound angles. For the accuracy of impact, plastic or metal inserts can be used. Therefore, for the final blow, it is imperative to have this stick in your bag.


Golf is one of the most prestigious sports. The best players become millionaires but do not change their gambling hobby. To feel a sense of risk, you need to be over 21 and register with a reliable online casino. Gambling entertainment will allow you to take risks and, if you win, replenish your budget.

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