If you need some ideas for great golf-themed gifts for your friend’s birthday, look no further! We’ve got some top picks that are sure to be a hit with any golfer. From accessories to gear to personalization options, we’ve got something for everyone on your list. More than that, this article will cover what gifts to avoid getting for a golfer. So, take a look and get started on finding the perfect present!

Tips for Choosing Golf Gifts

Before getting into what golf gifts you should avoid getting your friend this year, it’s probably a good idea to go over a few tips to help you choose a great gift. One thing you can never go wrong with is using expert gift services like giftexperts.com/d/ to help you find the perfect gift for anyone.

In addition, you should always weigh up the form and function of a golf jacket or hat and outerwear. For example, some brands have very bold lettering on their hats to make a statement that some people won’t like. More importantly, buying a golf jacket for someone who usually plays in hot weather is pointless.

If you are thinking of getting a golf polo as a gift, you might want to think against it unless you know the exact fit of the person in question. This is because sizes can differ drastically from brand to brand, and one brand’s large might be another brand’s medium.

Likewise, when purchasing a golf club for someone, you might want to consider having that person with you. There’s just something unique about the look and feel of the different clubs, and what one person might feel like is a good fit for them might not be a good fit for another in terms of the handle, the weight, how it feels when it swings, and more.

Finally, if you want to buy the golfer in your life a few golf balls, you might want to take a look at the balls they usually play with. Much like golf clubs, different golf balls play differently with different golfers. In the case of golf balls, more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better; some golfers might prefer a cheaper brand of balls just because they have a lower spin, for example.

Caricature Headcover

Avoid getting your golfer friend would be a caricature headcover. While these might seem funny, they’re actually really not, and most golfers will use the free headcover that comes with club purchases. That is, of course, unless your friend has specifically asked for one or if they have a great sense of humor.

Personalized Silver Tee

Another gift that you should avoid at all costs would be a personalized silver tee. To be completely honest, these tees are not only practically useless but also very expensive. This means this gift will most likely go straight into a draw and never be used. If you really want to get tees, get the regular tees that most golfers use.

Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

While it is true that playing golf at night is a really amazing experience, there is absolutely no need to get a glow-in-the-dark golf ball. Unfortunately, most golfers won’t get the chance to play in the dark, and getting a whole pack of glow-in-the-dark golf balls is a bit of a waste, considering they won’t really be used.

Stroke Counter

Another gift that has become quite popular is the stroke counter, which honestly doesn’t need to exist and is quite pointless. Golf courses already use scorecards that do the same thing as a stroke counter. If your golfer friend requires a stroke counter to count the final tally, chances are they probably don’t want to see it.

Golf Ball Sets

One gift you should probably shy away from if you buy a golf gift for the golfer in your life is the golf ball and golf tee sets. Most of the time, the golf balls in these sets are really bad quality, and what’s more, they are usually very overpriced. Most golfers don’t even play with these, so don’t buy them.

Fake Hair Visor

Finally, the fake hair visor is the last gift you should avoid getting a golfer, even if they have a fantastic sense of humor, much like the caricature headcover. You have probably seen these on the internet, but not on golfers’ heads, and there’s a good reason for that; nobody wants to wear them willingly.

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