Titleist’s new TSR drivers and fairway metals, which will be available to buy from September 23, and fittings from today (Sept 8) are the next generation of the company’s ‘Speed Project’ that began more than six years ago with the TS series, and which was followed by the TSi range.

Each of the three new models – TSR2, TSR3 and TSR4 – provide distinct performance options for a variety of players. The TSR2 is a ‘max’ performance driver offering the perfect combination of speed and stability, whilst the TSR3 provides speed and distance through precision tuning technologies such as SureFit Adjustable CG Track weighting. The TSR4’s adjustable weighting system allows for more control than ever over spin conditions in a smaller 430cc driver head.

Stephani Luttrell, Titleist’s director of metalwood deelopment, said: “Titleist TSR represents the deepest, most complete, and most validated understanding of the tee shot ever held within our walls. Every aspect of impact has been considered, constructed and optimised in service of our singular desire to produce more playable distance from every swing. The new TSR drivers take everything that made TSi the most played driver on the PGA Tour and pack even more performance into every head. From new face technologies to centre of gravity improvements and aerodynamic refinements, TSR helps the golfer unlock more speed.”

Improvements across the range include the new boat tail shape at the rear of the head to help with aerodynamics, while new variable face thickness designs have been utilised, with different designs in the TSR2 and TSR4 compared to the Speed Ring in the TSR3. The latter focuses on focusing maximum performance into the sweet spot, helping players who find the middle of the face get even more distance off the tee. A titanium face provides a unique combination of strength, recoil and flexibility.The range features four stock shafts, as well as three premium Graphite Design stock shafts.

TSR4 driver

Titleist TSR2 driver
For the player that tends to make inconsistent contact across the entire face, the 460cc TSR2 offers perfect combination of speed and stability in a more refined shape.
Designed to generate high launch and low spin, improved aerodynamics make TSR2 faster through the air, while a redesigned toe improves the face angle at address.
A multi-plateau VFT face builds inward, layer-by-layer, to create consistent dwell time across the face with forgiveness and speed no matter the impact location, while a lower and more forward CG placement than prior generations increases ball speed and improves launch and spin conditions. It offers adjustable swing weight and a fixed centre of gravity location.
LOFTS: RH 8°, 9°, 10°, 11°; LH 9°, 10°, 11°. RRP: £529 (£699 with a premium shaft)

Titleist TSR3 driver
Promising mid/high launch and low spin profile, the TSR3 provides speed, distance and playability through precision tuning. A SureFit Adjustable CG Track System allows the centre of gravity to be positioned exactly where a players needs it, while a Speed Ring VFT Face features a conical design that focuses the maximum CT/COR relationship into one central sweet spot. Continuing upon the success of the TSi3’s 460cc shape, the TSR3 maintains the tour-preferred shaping while adding subtle refinements to improve aerodynamics.
LOFTS: RH 8°, 9°,10°, 11°, LH 8° 9°, 10° (custom). RRP: £529 (£699 with a premium shaft)

Titleist TSR4 driver
For players looking to neutralise excess spin, the 430cc TSR4 is the ultimate low-spin driver, now with added adjustability. It features a multi-plateau VFT face, like TSR2, so that the entire hitting area is designed to generate consistent speed and distance. Two adjustable weighting options allow players to customise their spin profile: a heavier weight in the forward setting maximises spin reduction, while moving the weight to the back raises the launch angle.
LOFTS: RH 8°, 9°, 10°; LH 9° RRP: £529 (£699 with a premium shaft)

Titleist says that the performance brief for its club engineers when creating the the new TSR fairway woods was to improve on four key areas over previous models: flight, feel, form and forgiveness. The result is an all-new line up featuring three distinct models packed with technology and advanced refinements that can benefit every player.
One of the key new features of TSR2, TSR2+ and TSR3 fairways is the open hosel construction. Titleist engineers were able to remove excess weight found high and towards the heel of the clubhead, which allowed them to reposition weight and make improvements to essential areas of performance. In the TSR3 fairways, the open hosel design moves the centre of gravity deeper and lower while also shifting it closer to the centre of the face. This change creates even more forgiveness, and higher launch.
The centre of gravity location is engineered for the specific needs of each model, but all result in maximum levels of forgiveness, high launch, and speed. The TSR2 features Titleist’s lowest ever CG for an all-steel construction, while the TSR2+ boasts the deepest CG of any Titleist fairway metal. TSR3 has an even deeper and lower CG than its predecessor, the TSi3.
TSR2: 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21° (RH), 15°, 16.5°, 18° (LH)
TSR2+: 13° (RH/LH)
TSR3:13.5, 15, 16.5, 18 (RH), 15°, 16.5° (LH)
RRP: £289 (£429 with a premium shaft)

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