Welcome to stuff golfers should know. Here we reveal all kinds of useful golf wisdom that will make you the smartest, savviest, and most prepared player in your own right. To get a sense of the kind of on-course wagers, pro gamblers like Erick Lindgren are known to make. It chronicles the day in 2007 when Lindgren, a 12-handicapper at the time, cashed in on a $350,000 bet that called for him to walk four consecutive rounds in the searing heat of a Las Vegas summer, shooting under 100 for each 18.

Here are the five golf betting casino games guaranteed to liven up your rounds


In this two-on-two match, there are six possible points on each hole: two for a low score, two for a low total, one for being the closest to a pin in regulation, and one for a birdie. Just like the casino rewards free spins, a six-point victory for one team is known as an umbrella. The number of wins multiplies to 12, expanding like an umbrella unfolding.



This wild game has several versions and calls for a minimum of three players. The tee-off order, however, changes from one slot to the next in every format. Player A can choose to take on the group alone after hitting first, or they can choose a partner after watching each player hit after them. Player A does have the choice to declare oneself the lone wolf before somebody strikes if they’re feeling daring. Then, the stakes on that hole are tripled.


In golf, there are several ways to defeat oneself. Bludgeoning your opponent is another option in Hammer. It may be played as a multiple-team game or as a 1 v. 1 match between two golfers. The styles and rules for golf gambling games differ. The basic idea is that each hole is played for a specific amount, but you always have the option to “hammer” your rival (after your opponent hits one in the weeds is a very advantageous moment to do this).

In the event that your opponent rejects the hammer, they lose the hole. The stakes increase if they agree. Suppose you then make a poor shot yourself. Your adversary has the choice of hitting you in return. This continues till the hole is finished. When people are fighting with hammers, the stakes can arise, and things can become ugly.



Team scores are recorded in this 2 vs 2 games as a double-digit figure. Therefore, if you get a 4 while your companion gets a 5, that is a 45. If your two rivals roll a 5 and a 6, they will get a 56. You gain 11 points since there is a difference of 11, which is the difference between 45 and 56. When you make a birdie, things start to get interesting. In such a situation, a 56 becomes a 65 since the score of your opponents is inverted, with the greater digit going first. Your victory has increased dramatically, as the difference among your scores (45 & 65) is already 20.

Hole-by-Hole opt Out

It’s a common belief that games are settled on the first tee before making the first shot. We’ve all participated in such unfair situations where it becomes evident very early that one side has no chance. That is referred to as “drawing dead” in poker. Nobody desires a dead draw on the course. Lindgren occasionally suggests an opt-out option while playing games against opponents outside of his typical group, just as a precaution. The match may be called off at any point throughout the round by waving the white flag following the end of a hole.


On the golf course, you don’t need to wager to have fun in a casino world, but putting a little money on the line might increase the excitement. We’ve all tried a $2 Nassau; however, if you want to mix things up, try one of these five original golf gambling games. These give the game an additional dimension. They increase both the entertainment factor and the level of competition. Additionally, it aids in improving your playing ability. Put money on the possibility that your game isn’t exactly at your desired level. It will add some life to your rounds.

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