Golf lovers usually face a serious challenge when choosing a travel destination. Most golfers do not fancy the big golf tournaments, so the number of travel destinations available to them is limited.

A holiday without golf is incomplete to a golf lover. Suppose you are not interested in the big golf tournaments. In that case, Spain is one of the best destinations you should consider for your travel.

Spain is a golf lover’s haven. España is home to some of the most remarkable and iconic golf courses that receive golf lovers throughout the year. With over 300 golf courses scattered around Spain, there is an abundance of golf holidays in Spain.

Top Golf Courses for Travellers in Spain

Spain’s reputation as one of the best destinations for golf travelers is rightly earned. Golf resorts offer some of the best holiday experiences to golf travelers around Spain.

Finding the best among the over 300 golf courses in Spain may be a daunting challenge. However, here are the best golf courses for travelers in Spain:

Real Club de Golf Las Brisas

Las Brisas is located in Marbella, one of the highest-ranking golf municipalities in Spain. The Las Brisas golf course has 72 Par and runs at a length of 7,069 yards. It can accommodate different golfers, including amateur golfers. The iconic Las Brisas course has played host to the Spanish Open golf tournament, and who knows, you may find the spot helpful too as you hone your skills to compete professionally sometime in the future.

The San Roque Club

This golf course was named after the popular San Roque golf municipality in Cadiz, Spain. With a sprawling set of 18-hole old and new golf courses, golf travelers can have one of the best-golfing experiences at San Roque.

Valderrama Golf Club

Valderrama is one of a few golf courses that have hosted both the Spanish Masters and the Ryder Cup. It is one of the best golf courses in Europe, set in a terrain that challenges golfers to deliver their best putts. Although many people tout Valderrama as a difficult golf course, different tee levels are available according to the golfer’s skill level.


Many more golf courses spread around Spain, but these stand out because of their design to accommodate golfers of all skill levels. As you prepare to visit Spain to enjoy golf, these spots can make your experience worthwhile.

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