As much as many of us wish we could spend every waking minute on the golf course, due to practicalities such as responsibilities, work, and family, it is difficult to do so. However, many of us get our regular fix of golf by watching the best players in the world battle it out on the most exclusive courses in the world. 


If you’re interested in taking your viewing of golf to the next level, placing bets on your favorite player or on the outcome of the tournament can be a fun way of adding a little bit of extra excitement. If you don’t already have a betting site that you use you can click on the link to find a list of various golf betting sites and get more information about the practicalities.


What tournaments are the most popular to bet on? 


This might be somewhat self-explanatory, but it’s the majors by a long shot. The Masters are also a very popular betting opportunity. For big tournaments it’s very common for betting companies to put together various betting opportunities that stand out from their regular offerings. 


What can I bet on? 


There are a lot of different ways to bet on golf. The most popular and straightforward is to bet on which player you think is going to win the tournament, but this can become very binary and is extremely hard. You can also bet on an over/under in regards to how many strokes a player is going to use to get through the tournament. 

Golf is a game where anything can and will happen 


If you’re a somewhat experienced golf player you know that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to who comes up on top after 18 holes. This rings true for the professionals as well. There are thousands of different factors that play into which player is going to come out on top and this makes betting on golf somewhat unpredictable. Professional bettors therefore usually stay away from golf as it’s far too many variables to be able to account for them all with some level of confidence and assurance. 


But that also means that someone with a keen eye for spotting an underdog, and with a bit of luck, betting on golf can win you some money. On the flip side however, it’s also very easy to lose your bet if something goes wrong for the player that you put your money on. A couple of bad strokes in the middle of the course and they’re out of the running.

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