You wanted your home to look “just like the one in the catalogue” but after seeing the result, do you feel that it hasn’t quite worked out that way? Maybe there’s a problem with the details. The details are the categories things that bring the warmth of home into the room.

Do you have rooms at home?

Houseplants make every home reliably cosy. Although, the magic also lies in where the plants are placed. This is because if you only have small houseplants in the corners of the room, your interior often doesn’t look the way you intended.

Plants should literally fill the room from floor to ceiling. Therefore, if smaller flowers are your preference, you’ll need a  flower stand. A stand allows you to place the plants in a space.

Hanging systems for flowers are also an alternative. These allow flower pots to hang in space. This fills the space in the room.

Don’t forget wall decorations

In days gone by robust wardrobes or so-called living room wall units dominated our living rooms. Nowadays, furniture is much airier. Although you often have to pay even more attention to the overall arrangement.

Clocks and paintings should hang on the walls. In addition to the aforementioned flowers, you can place your favourite books, family photographs or other items that are important to you on the shelves.

Always make sure the room radiate something about you. Don’t just “blindly” follow the template you found on the internet. Think about what gives you happiness.

Didn’t you bet on minimalism?

Minimalism prevails in many modern interiors. But in order for the minimalist items to work really well in its entirety, it’s also necessary to be able to work well with it.

If you overdo it – in one way or the other – you either end up with an “overpriced” interior, which can no longer be described as minimalist, or a “sterile” interior, which in turn will also be minimalist. Therefore, rooms echo and the necessary cosiness is missing.

You’ll also need other accessories as well as flowers and paintings. There should be a warm carpet under some furniture (e.g., sofa, bed). A variety of blankets, pillows and other small items are also great additions that won’t disturb the minimalist character, but will raise the interior to a higher level.

Make your interior special with your own motifs

The return of patterned surfaces is one of the hottest trends. It can be a specific painting, wallpaper, and also handmade furniture decoration.

Choose a motif that you’ll repeat throughout your home. It can be any shape, colour, material or structure……If you can use this feature in an original way in all rooms, your home will gain the soul that you have been looking so hard for. This feature will definitely be appreciated by every visitor.

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