Just a few days after releasing its next generation Smart Sensors, Arccos Golf has launched a new and improved version of the Caddie Link it first introduced two years ago.

Designed to be worn on a belt, waistband or pocket, the new Arccos Link (Gen2) offers enhanced performance thanks to the capacity to automatically record shots without having to carry a phone on the course. As well as its sleeker look and improved clip functionality, the new device incorporates advanced microphone enhancements with GORE protective vents to deliver reliable, high quality, shot-tracking performance.

“When we launched Link back in 2020 it gave golfers the freedom to play golf without their phone and still get their powerful data. It was a game-changer and helped us to achieve explosive growth worldwide,” said Sal Syed, Arccos CEO and co-founder. “Now, with technical improvements, the new Link is even better. More golfers will play the game their way, with or without their phone and be able to harness personal on-course data, and understand strengths and weakness, leading to faster improvement and more fun.”

The weather-resistant device weighs less than 25g and is smaller in length than a bank card – measuring approximately 21/4 inches long, 11/4 inches wide and a 3/4-inch deep. It boasts a battery life of up to 10 hours, with quick charging via a micro-USB cable.

Once paired with the Arccos Caddie app, Smart Sensors seamlessly sync with the Link to provide golfers with the ability to track shots in real time. Link then automatically transfers scoring data to the phone app via Bluetooth, either during or after the round, depending on player preference.

Arccos members using Link can either keep their phone in a golf bag, cart, trolley or back pocket for quick access to the game’s first A.I. powered rangefinder and Caddie advice.

Additional functionality of Link includes the option for a player to mark the exact hole location on the green with a simple push of main button when standing next to the pin. This provides more accurate putting insights and pinpoints areas for player improvement via the exclusive Strokes Gained Analytics software.

Arccos has also expanded the Link’s remote programmable features, so it will always provide the most current shot tracking models – something previously unavailable with the original device. In addition, Link will deliver enhanced shot tracking thanks to new Arccos automatic shot tracking technology introduced last month.

Like the New Smart Sensors (Gen 3+), the latest device is now packaged in a more sustainable box, as the brand continues its drive toward offering more environmentally friendly products.

Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, the new Link has an RRP of £134.99.

For more details, visit www.arccosgolf.com.


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