Golf has become one of the world’s most popular sports and it is a great sport for betting on. Why is this so? Well, there are plenty of golf events taking place all over the world each week, meaning that there will always be some tournament that you can place wagers on. Additionally, there are plenty of golf markets to bet on, which means that boredom will never rise its ugly head. In the following article, we are going to look at some quality sportsbooks for betting on this wonderful sport. The bookies that you will find mentioned below have been provided by Betinireland, which is a top-quality comparison site.

William Hill: Best Bookmaker for Overall Golf Betting

In our opinion, the best bookmaker for betting on Golf is William Hill. Why exactly do we think this? Well, when it comes to the range of golf events, the in-play betting, each-way betting terms, and the variety of golf betting markets, we feel that William Hill leads the way in all of them.

Think of a golf event, and you will be able to find a variety of markets and quality odds for it at William Hill. For example, when the Ryder Cup, one of the most prestigious golfing tournaments in the world, is being played, you will be able to find close to 40 different markets for it at William Hill.

To top it off, they have a very good Welcome Bonus where if you bet £10 on an event using the promo code “H30”, then you will receive two free bets that are worth £15 each. You can use these free bets on any sporting event that you like, but obviously we would recommend that you use them on a golf event if there is one being played when you decide to register.

Bwin: The Best Golf Odds

If you are just looking for the best odds, then Bwin is hard to beat. Novice golf bettors will believe that the odds on offer are the same at every sportsbook, but us experienced golf betting fans will know that this is not the case. When you are betting on golf, or any other sport for that matter, it is important that you do so with top odds since this is how you can make sure that you get the most profit possible if your bet goes on to be a winning one.

While all of the bookmakers that you will find mentioned in this article offer their punters competitive odds for all the sports that they have on offer, Bwin is known for having the highest odds around. Sometimes, you might think that the difference is not that much, but even if you are missing out on just 0.50 odds each time you win a bet, you will end up missing out on a nice sum of money over the course of a year.

PaddyPower: The Best Each-Way Terms

When it comes to each-way terms, you often tend to see much more variation in golf betting than with any other type of sport. The usual each-way terms for a golf tournament with most sports betting sites are four places at 1/4 odds, but there are some bookmakers that will pay out as many as seven or eight places with 1/5 odds for big golfing events. When it comes to generous place terms for golfing events, PaddyPower is the sportsbook that tends to lead the way since they will often offer eight places each-way at odds of 1/5 for all PGA tour events. So, if you like to place each-way bets on golf events, be sure to check them out.

However, it is important to know that if you bet too far in advance then you will find the same each-way terms with all of the bookmakers. Bookmakers often start to alter their each-way terms to stick out from the crowd a week or so before the tournament is due to start.

Bet365: Earliest Monday Odds

Golf betting markets are established on Monday since the European/PGA tournament often start on Thursday, meaning that this is when you will be able to find odds that you can make use of. If you are prepared and know who you want to bet on early, then you should place your bets on Monday since this is when they biggest odds will be on offer.

Not all sports betting sites are as quick as each other when it comes to releasing their odds to their punters, and Bet365 are known for being the quickest. So, if you are the type of golf betting punter that likes to place your bets as early as possible and take advantage of early-bird odds, then Bet365 is definitely a sports betting site that you should consider opening an account with.

If you do decide to sign up with Bet365, then they have a quality Welcome Bonus that you can take advantage of. If you place a £10 bet, you will receive £50 worth of bet credits that you will be able to use on any sport that you like. It is always great to have the chance to win some money without having to risk your own hard-earned cash.

Unibet: Best First Round Leader Odds

As we mentioned above, golf is a great sport to bet on because all of the top sports betting sites will offer a variety of markets that you can put your money on. Betting on the winner of an event can be fun, but if it was the only thing that you could bet on then things would end up getting boring pretty quickly.

One of the more popular markets for golf betting is the First Round Leader market, which is a market where you bet on the player that you think will be winning after the first round. This is a market that you will be able to find at any sports betting site that is serious about golf betting, but the odds will vary from bookie to bookie. From our experience, we have found that Unibet is the sportsbook that offers the best odds for the First Round Leader market every week. So, be sure to check them out if this is the type of bet that you enjoy making.

If you do decide to sign up with Unibet, then they have a Welcome Bonus where you can place a bet of up to £40 on an outcome, and if it goes on to be a losing bet, you will receive your stake back in the shape of a free bet. In addition to this, you will also get £10 that you can use at their casino.

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