It is not surprising to know that the British wager more in comparison to any part of the world. According to the 2020 reports, the Gross gambling yield, or GGY in Great Britain was 5.89 billion pounds. On average, the net worth of the worldwide gambling industry stands out to be 59 billion US dollars. This data clearly indicates the love of gambling among the people. It is speculated that almost three-quarters of the Western world are engaged in gambling practices.

This also focuses on the fact that a large section of people goes astray from the adrenaline rush, and excitement of gambling, and fall prey to gambling addiction, and problem gambling. UK alone records having over 3 million problem gamblers, and 7% of the population, is negatively impacted due to gambling.

This raises a nationwide concern, and several initiatives are taken by the government, such as introducing the GamStop program in 2018 in all UKGC-licensed operators, etc. GamStop is a self-exclusion tool that prevents the user from using any gambling tool, website, or software for a specific period of time as selected by the user. When you decide to bet on sports providers that aren’t on GamStop in the UK, you need to understand it and be careful. This is one of the key steps toward the promotion of responsible gambling practices.

Responsible gambling is often defined as a particular set of responsibilities that an individual needs to follow for safe gambling practices, the initiatives are taken by the government, gambling industry, gaming control boards, etc. to maintain the decorum of gambling.

The UK love sports gambling, and golf being one of the favourite sports of the English earns large revenues from gambling practices. As of the reports of 2021, it was notified that the PGA Tour had joined hands with the AGA(American Gaming Association) in order to promote responsible gambling practices.

Ways to Spread responsible gambling messages:

Recent golf fan base shows that children from the greatest section of the fan base. Hence, the promotion of gambling practices, as well as advertisements of narcotics is equally harmful. Children, teens, and young adults secure high influence from the golf stars, who they see as their idols, and wish to either emulate them or follow in their footsteps. Hence, it is the responsibility of role models to guide their fans, promote responsible gambling practices, educate them regarding the harmful effects of problem gambling, and promote self-exclusion programs:

Sponsorship from GamStop and GamStop alternatives such as GamBan, Betlocker, Betfilter, etc. Golf clubs can also strengthen their cause by seeking sponsorships from self-exclusion software brands. It is vital to have all supporting programs and players should be aware of this when it comes to choosing a sports provider. This stunt further proves their defiance of problem gambling practices.
Avoid Promoting Gambling Firms: Golf players must pledge to not promote gambling firms at any cost. It is true that gambling firms are often sponsors of several events, and tournaments, hence it might be unavoidable in situations to not promote gambling firms. But recently, it is observed that the Professional Golf Association tries to avoid all sorts of engagement with gambling firms. It is true that even players might be problem gamblers since the issues of problem gambling are deep-rooted and require expert care and therapy. Special treatment is aided to the athletes to support them in case they are suffering from problem gamblings. Thorough research regarding the progress of the player is also notified to the club.
Raise awareness of Self-exclusion programs such as GamStop The Professional Golf Association is in view that each of its supporting bookmakers must be registered with GamStop. This would on one hand prevent any indulgence with gambling practices for a specific period that is good enough to recover from problem gambling and on the other set up exemplary evidence for other sporting agencies to follow the same. Moreover, fans can also look up to their favourite idols and learn the values of responsible gambling.
Preach about Gambling Harm, its signs and symptoms Though gambling assures both thrill and financial outcomes. But the addictive nature of gambling carries with it more harm than good. Several golf stars like Matthew Fitzpatrick actively spoke about the ills of gambling addiction. Gambling addiction leads to anxiety, frustration, financial difficulties, insomnia, and suicide in extreme cases. Furthermore, gambling addict tends to detach themselves from family, friends, and work and put a blind eye to their social responsibilities. These things need to be communicated among the fans to promote responsible gambling practices.


Responsible gambling practices should be the top-notch priority of citizens of the nation. Gambling has a harmful impact, not only on an individual but on the nation as a whole. When there is a competition, there always be a gambling interest and people should know how to behave. The awareness spread by the golf players has reflected quite positively upon the fans. But, it is also true that change can take place only if an individual is willing, or an individual can entirely find themselves recovering from problem gambling and gambling addiction if they are themselves willing to make a change.

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