There are a lot of well-known and recognizable golfers out there, but those golfers who come to mind are probably men. However, there is another line of golfers to who we really need to give more credit. And they are the women golfers.

Female golfers are working hard to put their stamp on the sport, which is why we are here to discuss the female golfers who are working the hardest to up their game. We are going to look at the female golfers who you should really watch out for, and give credit to the girls who have been working hard to improve over the years.

Before you take a look at some golf betting odds for female golfers, we thought that we would outline the female golfers who have the best shot (literally) as they are the most improved and are working hard to up their golfing game.

Nelly Korda

This is a golfing name that you will certainly recognize – and if you do not, where have you been?! We have to start our list with this golfer because of the hard work and dedication that she has put into her golfing career.

The top-ranked female golfer in the world, Nelly Korda, has come a long way in the world of golf. And, she has worked hard to secure her place at the top of the table at just twenty-three years old. She has been recognized for winning seven tournaments in America, and two of these are the Women’s PGA Championship along with the Japan Olympics where she took home the gold medal.

Jin Young Ko

Coming from South Korea, Young Ko has been ranked number two in the world rankings – and this is for especially good reason. She has worked super hard to get to where she is in the world of golf and has secured her position as being an improved golfer.

In addition to this, she won the LPGA Golfer of the Year Award for consecutive two years. She has also claimed victory over a fair few LPGA tournaments and these include two majors. Ultimately, Young Ko is a true talent to watch out for, and her form and potential is super exciting.

Lexi Thompson

So, you will most likely recognize Thompson from playing in the LPGA since she started playing golf professionally in 2015. In fact, Thompson has worked so hard to build up her golfing awards that she can now be recognized as being one of the most decorated female golfers.

In fact, Lexi has actually had a lot of career wins – she has even got one major. Over time, Thompson has really worked on her killer long hit, and she has really refined her putting ability. These factors combined make her a really exciting player who has a lot of potentials – her golfing looks super exciting.

Leona Maguire

So, this is an Irish golf superstar who you really need to watch out for. Maguire secured her place as the number one golfer for over two years. This inspired her to become a professional golfer in 2018, and her golfing record has continued to grow and impress a whole host of golf fans. Maguire can be most recognized for the way that she performed in the European Solheim Cup team in 2021, and many commented on her manner along with her technique which is what makes her one to watch.

Anna Nordqvist

Last but not least, we have Nordqvist and she is a ruthless golf player who does not hold back. She is super impressive to watch on the golf course. You might best recognize Nordqvist for playing in the LPGA or the European Ladies Tour – this is where she is most likely to be seen in the golf world anyway!

It is true that Nordqvist has actually won as many as nine tournaments in the US, but her stellar record does not stop there. She has also won four golf tournaments in Europe and she even has as many as three majors to her name.

Georgia Hall

This female golfer actually comes from the UK, and she has made her presence in the golfing world well-known through her pretty impressive amateur golfing years. Hall turned to playing professional golf in 2014, and you might recognize her from playing in the European Ladies’ Tour along with the LPGA.

In addition to this, Hall has actually won the LPGA twice and her consistency is the main reason for this. Hall’s golfing journey is one to be admired and the hard work and dedication that she has put into the sport can’t be ignored.


So, are any of these names familiar to you? Well, if you do not know any of them then you really should get to know them. These are the upcoming female golfers in the game, and you should definitely keep an eye on their progress.

Ultimately, these golfers are here to inspire the next generations of female golfers – and they are all key examples of anything being possible if you put hard work and dedication into it. So, we reckon you should take a chance on these ladies.


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