Golf is all about precision and accuracy. For a beginner on a golf course about to hit a ball with a club, this may seem like an impossible task to perform, and it is not surprising, because how can anyone maintain focus when they are the center of attraction. It feels like having a thousand eyes on you and a million mouths to chorus your brilliant swings or disappointing mishits. However, this is a game that has turned nobodies into legends, think of Jack William Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Annika Sörenstam, Inbee Park, and many others. Even those of us who are loyal fans of the game have been part of their success story by simply trying our luck on the best betting sites, and landing on huge fortunes with each successful swing of their clubs.


As the saying goes, every professional golfer was once a terrible golfer. From choosing the right club to swinging without shattering your spine or dislocating your hip, it all seems so complicated and many enthusiasts often quit before they even begin. It’s not enough to have passion for the sport or simply visualize where the ball should go or how far it should travel when you hit it as if casting a spell to the wind; being a successful golfer requires both mental and physical strength, the ability to strategize and exercise patience with the single aim of hitting a tiny white ball into a tiny hole.


As a beginner with great aspirations, it’s very tempting to fall into a habit of copying the swing, hip rotation, and the strategy of famous golfers but there’s only so much you can learn from a player who is more naturally gifted than you. Trying on the shoes of the mentors and legends isn’t enough. Of course, unwavering devotion and learning through the footsteps of the best players in the game is crucial for the development of a budding player, but it’s best to have the feel of the game through constant practice, then you can choose what best works for you as an individual when you are building a professional career.


Every player has different anatomy and that plays a huge role in the range of motion, strength, and athleticism of each player. Nobody can do the 2000 swing like Woods does. Even the greats like him have evolved with the game, and as they grow older, the way they hit the ball and their choice of clubs during each tournament has changed. To stay competitive, a great player needs to find a different approach to the game as often as the need arises.


Jack Nicklaus famously said that Golf is 80% mental, 10% ability, and 10% luck. His words are a testament to the fact that much of the journey to superstardom in this popular sport is done in the head. Every shot is first taken mentally before it’s manifested for all to see.  For a game that generates billions of viewers and great competitors, your first victory will be against your lesser self – the one that finds you a hole to crawl into when you can’t get the ball to land in it.

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