Pro online golf betting has recently become increasingly popular options in the UK – and not only among long-established fans of the sport. The focus is particularly on the four major tournaments – namely the US Masters, US Open, Open Championship and the PGA Championship. But also the PGA Grand Slam, the DP World Tour and the Ryder Cup offer plenty of opportunities to make your class ring with clever tips.

Besides, thanks to the well-regulated online gambling laws and the UK Gambling Commission, golf betting on the internet is easier than ever before. Therefore, let’s have a closer look at why pro golf betting is becoming more and more popular.

Access to Golf Betting is Easier Today than Ever Before

Anyone who plays golf or enjoys watching important tournaments on television will sooner or later come across the subject of betting. Placing bets on golf tournaments is one way of making a monetary profit from the know-how about the sport that has been accumulated over the years. This is due to the fact that the actual placing of bets is much easier nowadays than it was ten to twenty years ago.

In 2021, there are not only countless fully-licensed betting providers on the internet that offer golf betting, but also playing legally in UK online casinos has also become a major trend. 

The specific offer depends on whether you choose a dedicated sports betting provider or an online casino. An increasing number of casinos have actually integrated sports betting into their regular range of games of chance on the platform.

Betting Options Go Far Beyond the Winning Bet

Golf betting has become particularly popular because tournaments are now regularly broadcast on television. Again and again, there are spectacular tee shots, hole-in-ones, unbelievable rescue shots from the woods or the water and long putts to marvel at that have been read perfectly. 

Today, golf is more than just an old-time discipline, but a real competitive sport in which mental strength is required, especially when several fellow players have the same number of strokes.

This has the same effect on the available golf bets. Winner bets are popular, but head-to-head bets, double chance bets or three-ball bets often make more sense.

Betting is Now Possible from Anywhere 

A real revolution has been set in motion in the golf sector by the fact that many renowned bookies have added live betting to their portfolio. For fans of the sport, this creates the feeling of being right in the middle of the action – making the excitement tangible. 

Apart from that, thanks to the rapidly growing spread of smartphones and tablets and the expansion of the mobile internet, it is possible to place bets from anywhere.

A particularly practical feature of some betting providers is the ability to follow the golf tournament live via stream in the respective app. For ambitious sports bettors, this is a basic prerequisite for placing successful bets in the long term, especially as it is the only way to make meaningful use of a possible cashout function.

Special Features in Pro Golf Betting

If you want to bet on golf, you have numerous surprising odds thanks to special features. The chances of winning live bets are significantly higher than with football bets. However, you can also bet on the winner or even on the lowest round in golf. Even a draw can be bet on, which means that things definitely will never get boring. Especially with the live bets, it can get really exciting in the last minutes of the game and come to a turn.

On top of that, bets can be placed on the US Masters as well as on the European Tour, which can be quite rewarding if you win. The betting odds are very high and even with a small stake you can make a very high profit.

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