Bingo evolved, and from being a tax collection game, it ended up being a leisure game for families. Nowadays, it is played all over the world, and the number of its fans is increasing with each passing day – play Barbados now. But what is making this once obsolete game make a comeback? Or what makes Bingo so exciting for Gen Z? Well, let’s find out.

Bingo’s Story

There are different versions regarding its origin, although the most popular theory is that it was created in the 16th century in Italy when the barbarians used balls to raffle the collection of gold, silver, and other taxes to the different villages that they had in possession. Apparently, several numbers were written that represented the villages, and the barbarians had to choose one of the balls that contained those numbers. Depending on which one appeared to them, they had to collect from one village or another. And that’s how the game of Bingo emerged on the world map. Later the concept was transformed into a game and was called Lotto in Italy. The game entered the UK in the midst of the 18th century and took off in the latter part of the 20th century, with brick-and-mortar bingo halls being established throughout Great Britain.

Bingo Today

Today, Bingo is perhaps one of the most popular games of chance in the world after slot machines. The online gambling industry has given a much-needed boost to put Bingo back on the charts. Now, you don’t have to sit for hours in a nursing hall listening to the numbers being called out. Instead, you can simply join an online game, purchase e-tickets, turn on the auto mark feature, and sit back and watch your favorite movies while the game proceeds. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can simply play bingo slots that give you results almost instantly.

What Makes Bingo Exciting?

Here are a few facts about why Bingo is becoming enormously popular and exciting among Gen-Z.

    1 – Easy Access: There is no doubt about the comfort and versatility offered by modern online Bingo. With the modality of online casinos, it is no longer necessary to leave the comfort of your home to be able to experience a game of Bungo. Simply by having an internet connection and a mobile device, tablet, or computer, you will have immediate access to the best  Bingo games.
    2 – Better Payouts: With millions of pounds of jackpots on the line, modern Bingo can give you some life-changing payouts.
    3 – Better Security: With multiple government and private entities watching over your rights, you now have better customer security. These entities, such as UKGC, ensure that players’ rights are fulfilled and that there are no scams or cheats involved in the business.
    4 – Better Entertainment: Modern Online Bingo gives you easy access to the game without taking away the social charm of traditional Bingo. Instead, it enhances the whole experience with live chat rooms, live streaming, music, and much more.
    5 – Casinos Bonuses: As Bingo entered the realm of online casinos, it brought in a whole lot of bonuses with it. Bingo players can now benefit from all sorts of casino bonuses such as cash-backs, free bets, no deposit bets, higher payouts, deposit bonuses, and many more.

These are a few reasons why Bingo’s popularity is increasing by leaps and bounds.


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